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Purchase High-Quality Agricultural Equipment from a Leading Supplier in Africa

Some very prominent industry leaders in agriculture source their agricultural equipment from Kanu Equipment because we are able to provide them with outstanding machinery and the newest innovations on the market. We have worked hard at building a solid reputation in agriculture for providing a range of machinery, forestry equipment, and heavy machinery for a range of different applications.

Now we are known as one of the leading suppliers of heavy machinery and agricultural equipment used in Africa, and we are very proud of our ability to provide our clients with great service and outstanding, reliable product ranges across a number of countries and industries, not just agriculture. We strive to help farmers and businesses in other industries, such as forestry, to always meet the challenges that are synonymous with activities and business on this continent.

When it comes to agricultural equipment, we concentrate mainly on the sugarcane industry, and we have a number of loaders, tractors, and trailers that help to do the heavy lifting with ease. Our quality range of cost-effective products are known as trustworthy and reliable, and Bell remains one of the foremost manufacturers of equipment used in sugar plantations.

We have all the expertise and knowledge needed to inform and advise our clients on the specific machinery and agricultural equipment they need for their particular operations and we can help improve productivity by finding the most suitable Bell equipment solution, whatever the field of agriculture. This means that our clients can reduce the time it takes to load and haul sugarcane and boost their productivity levels as a result.

We have worked extremely hard to bring our clients an extensive range of machinery that will address their specific needs, and our agricultural equipment range includes the following:

  • Cane loaders – specifically designed to be highly manoeuvrable and with a low specific ground pressure, our range of cane loaders provide outstanding durability and flexibility, even on challenging terrain and steep slopes.
  • Articulated tractors – with comfortable, ergonomically designer driver’s cabins and outstanding off-road performance, our tractors provide the ideal solution for sugarcane hauling.
  • Forklifts – various sizes and models are available, with ergonomically designed driver’s seats to avoid fatigue and discomfort during those long shifts. Our forklifts are also highly manoeuvrable and can carry a variety of loads. Increased stability makes our forklifts suitable for use on a variety of terrains.
  • Haulage tractors – specifically designed to deal with heavy loads and large haulage, our haulage tractors have solid full-length steel chassis with load transfer onto the front axle.
  • Tandem trailers – Best suited to interlink with in-land trains, our tandem trailers have outstanding suspension systems and exceptional strength and reliability.

If you are looking for brilliant agricultural equipment to complement your sugarcane operation, just speak to our team at Kanu Equipment. We are the provider of choice for many different clients across Africa and we have affordable and high-quality equipment that can help your operation achieve much higher productivity levels. Give us a call today to discuss our range of equipment.